Monday, October 6, 2008

How Jim Halpert Ruined My Life

While this is not technically MOANing related, it's something I had to get off of my chest. Jim Halpert ruined my life. There. I said it. Jim Halpert ruined my life.

You may be wondering how exactly did this happen. It's something I've thought long and hard about and the answer is simple...Jim Halpert made me believe that men can be funny, sweet, romantic, smart, sensitive, polite, well-dressed, financially independent, and cute all at once (and have a really nice butt.) I mean, I was doing just fine with my husband who, on any given day, is some combination of those traits. And I was fine with that. It was like living with a bag of many colors to choose from and every bag is different. And I was happy. Diversity is good. But now, I want a bag of all reds (red skittles are far and away the best, but that is another discussion). And Jim Halpert is the reddiest.

It wasn't that Jim Halpert just changed what I thought was an ideal man. He changed my expectations for the one in my life (the poor guy). My husband does try to be romantic. But nothing he does can compare with some of the things Jim Halpert has done. A new standard has been set and unfortunately for my husband, I just don't think it's a standard he'll ever be able to live up to. Jim Halpert is just that awesome. I suppose it's unfair of me to hold him to the same standards that the perfect man has set. Oh, well. No turning back now. And it certainly can't hurt to hope (besides, I have to give my husband something to aspire to. Can't let him think he's done trying just because we're married. And putting down the toilet seat is only thoughtful for so long.)

We always thought men like that couldn't exist and the cast of characters on TV certainly affirmed that. I mean, TV is supposed to be reflective of real life, isn't it? Movies kind of gave us a glimmer of hope, and books turned that glimmer into a shining star (thank you, Nicholas Sparks, creator of the Notebook), but TV left a void. But then came Jim Halpert and our faith was renewed. And to find that kind of man at work...well, that's just unheard of. If you're anything like me, the guys at work are usually a little too strange, a little too old, and a little too nothing like Jim Halpert. And all women deserve a Jim Halpert. Every woman deserves to be treated with the same sweetness and affection with which Jim treats Pam.

Yes, Jim Halpert does have his faults. He did break up with that girl on the booze cruise and um...well, I'm sure there's more but I choose not to acknowledge them. I choose to dwell on the fact that one perfect man exists, even if that existence is two dimensional. It gives me hope that maybe it can translate to three dimensional.

Lest you think I'm insane, I am aware that Jim Halpert is fake. And I love my husband on most days. But the fact that someone conjured this man up gives me hope not only for my husband, but for all of the other men out there. And all the women, too. I mean, it's about time we get an antidote to Al Bundy.


Anonymous said...

lol Mrs. Lynch - I'm just uncool, I must admit that I had to google Jim's name to see who this wonderful guy is! ;)

Mrslynch said...

beej--that's ok. i probably should have said that he's on the office. and how uncool am i that i have a huge crush on someone who doesn't exist. i guess it's better than the men who have crushes on jessica rabbit. at least jim halpert is human.

AJ said...

beej-I'm so glad you asked who Jim Halpert is b/c I was about to google him, too. Give me Jon Stewart's Green Lantern or Superman anyday. I don't need my fantasy guy to be human. I like them to be perfectly drawn.

Mrslynch said...

aj--you make a valid point. however, for me, the superhero thing would be a bit intimidating and get old after awhile. for me, pretty only goes so far. and i have to say, i know nothing about the green lantern.

Ravin01 said...

Well I'll take superhuman or human as long as he is as perfect his is on TV / Movie. I will even take an actual real life one that is close to perfect! ; )