Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MOANing leg 1--We're Going to 88!

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Well, ladies, it's time to pull out your Delorian, watch the clock tower and drive it to 88! MOANing has officially begun and it's time to MOAN loud, hard, and often. The first leg begins in Ottawa and will take approximately 400 miles. That's when we arrive in...Boston. Yes, Boston is our first MOANing stop and home to the Red Sox, the Bruins, New Kids on the Block, and Matt Damon. And the lovely honeylioness will be our tour guide as she calls Boston, or some small town nearby, home.

For this leg of the trail, Gldnlvly has provided us with a delicious snack, MOANing Moose Munch, or MMM. MMM will be a staple along the MOANing trail. It will arrive in different forms as we move along the trail. This version of MMM is made up of:

9 cups air popped popcorn or 3 regular bags of Natural flavored microwave popcorn
1 1/2 cups almonds
1 1/2 cups pecans
2 cups mini chocolate chips or M&Ms
2 cups dried cranberries or Craisins

Add all ingredients to a large bowl and toss. Store in an airtight container. Please do not eat the whole thing at once. While doggie poop bags are conveniently located along the way (since so many of us MOAN with our dogs), barf bags have been monopolized by the airlines and anyone forced to listen to Celine Dion.

I hope you've got your walking shoes, some water as loud MOANing has been known to cause dehydration, and your passports. Nobody's getting left behind. And just remember...where we're going, we don't need roads! Well, I guess technically, we do need roads because MOANing in space might be a tad difficult. Hmmm...MOANing in space...the new final frontier?


beej said...

Mrs. L - I forgot to get a passport! Can I just show my library card or my grocery savers card at the border? :)
I have one more canadian artist (using the term loosely) for your playlist - Men at Work - The Safety Dance. I am a dork, but that song does always make me smile. Love that you have the MMM MMM song on this first leg as it correlates nicely with Gldn's mmmm menu! I'll start watching for nickels starting tomorrow!

beej said...

Forgot to mention you're doing an awesome job on the blog (so are all the other contributors)! WOOT to all of you for helping us MOAN!

red_wagon said...

oh Boston - love it! I used to call it home and would love to return with you ladies! Love this whole idea... just the motivation I need! I'll get cracking on the logo asap!!

Garnet said...

Wow--this blog is very impressive. Thanks for all your hard work and time. It s/b a great motivator and sounds like fun, too. I'm a real "map person" (actually keep the Rand McNally atlas by my chair in the LR), so will have to go mark the North America map so I can follow along there.

kath74 said...

Beej - just for you I'm sure the border guards will make an exception :)

MOANing miles: 5
I hope I'm doing this right! I've moved my arse this morning, and I'm including my 1 hr volleyball game tonight (I have to go, I'm the only girl!). Its a good start!

Anonymous said...

Dang - Mrs. L. - I REALLY AM A DORK! That would be Men Without Hats, not men at work. duh, how could I confuse an iconic band such as that?? :P
Kath - I'm going to move mine at about 10:00 pm tonight, you're inspring that you've already started! (cubs game tonight early and I came in at 6:00 am so I could go home in time to watch it - if they win I'll be doing a little happy dance here and there on my walk) :)
Lets go ladies - MOAN!! -- beej

Mrslynch said...

beej, we will sneak you past the mounties. i promise we will get you out!

Anonymous said...

Love the look. This should inspire me to start MOANing. Thanks for all your work setting this up.

Amer B said...

American Bulldog
Do I post my miles here? I hope so-you can add a total of 7 miles to the treck since you started.
Good job on the blog site if I get a little better with this computer stuff I will post a pic. Not sure when that will be.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. L - You can add 5 miles to the trail!


beej said...

4.5 miles. I hope to have a better number next week! :(
I was out of town all weekend, that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it! :) I'm gonna have to lay out some moulah soon though, my 3 year old running shoes just aren't cutting it.

red_wagon said...

I have a measly half a mile. I'm not counting my 20 minutes a day that gets me to and from work, and things have been so hectic as I settle in to my place. I did get off my butt and put away all my DVDs tonight, but that's not exactly moaning. So my ten minutes of extra walking on Saturday is all I've got. I promise to do better! All of you guys are putting me to shame and I'm so proud of you!

calsfan said...

So far I have 3 miles each for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (9 miles total), 18 miles for saturday ( I walked for six hours at the mall) 3 hours for Sunday and Monday. I've been working out an our each day, 30 minutes in the AM and 30 in the PM. So far I have contributed 33 miles to our total!

Garnet said...

It's 3 miles for me so far. On vacation beginning tomorrow so hopefully can get a little more walking in.

Ravin01 said...

1 MOANing mile here. Not great, but that means I have to get more done this week!

kath74 said...

add another 7 miles for me, on top of the 5 miles that I was too excited to wait and total up for the week :) That's a total of 12 miles, and I'm looking to increase that for next week, hurray!
And thanks for adding Kathleen Edwards and Feist to the playlist!

Carmen aka MittenKitten said...

Please add 5 miles for me! Great job mrsL.

sapphire said...

I've been averaging about 3 miles a day for maybe 5 days. So that would have me at 15. Not bad, but not where I want to be. I'd like to be up to 5 miles a day. That would be awesome. So far no nickels found.

SES said...

grest blog! Now that i figured how to post my miles -- I have 4 miles through Saturday. I'll try to post each weekend.

Diva said...

I hope you believe in better late than never b/c here I am and here is my tally so far:
October 1st 5 miles
October 4th 15 miles
October 6th 5 miles
October 8th 5 miles

Is it to late to include my 30 miles, or should I start from today?

Mrslynch said...

diva--just combine them into your update for next week.

sapphire said...

The weather continues to be great for MOANing.
Oct 9 -- 4 miles
Oct 10 -- 7 miles
Oct 11 -- 5 miles
Oct 12 -- 3 miles
Oct 13 -- 5 miles
Oct 14 -- 2 miles
Weekly Total: 26 miles
Cum Total: 41 miles