Monday, September 29, 2008

MOANing leg 1--interesting facts

As we prepare to begin our marathon, it's probably good to know a few things about the city we're starting off in. That city would be lovely Ottawa, Canada. And now, courtesy of smartstart, I present the first installment of Interesting and Random Facts About Various Cities in North America...


For the first leg of our journey this group of Americans travel to Canada? Canada you say, eh?

Canada, America's hat, is a large land. Let's kick it off in the capital: Ottawa, home to the Ottawa Senators (hockey) and Rough Riders(football). Ottawa is also a breeding ground for major Hollywood talent, considering Dan Akroyd, Sarah Chalke, Tom Greene (I don't know that he's talent so much as irritating), Peter Jennings, Alex Trebek, Sandra Oh, Alanis Morisette, and Matthew Perry are all from Ottawa. Also our beloved kath74.

Ottawa receives 1,180,000,000 (1.18 billion) visitors a year who spend approximately $7,300,000 (7.3 million) on maple leaf soaps, moose ears and mountie hats all with money that has the Queen of England on it. What's that about, eh? I think we can do much better than $161.64 perperson, especially with coupons.

Let's start with a round of drinks! In honor of our friends to thenorth I give you the Road Kill Whiskey. Mix equal parts Irish Whiskey, Bourbon and White Rum, pour into a "funny shaped glass" and bottoms up! Don't be shy, belly up to the bar and order something that will tickle your gullet before we set off on our journey. Smile at that bartender and throw out an 'eh' because fifty percent of Ottawans speak English and will understand your order; thirty-two percent speak French (take that France!!!).

If you're tempted to stay you'll be in good company, the aforementioned kath74 lives in a city placed 18th in a survey of 200 cities worldwide for best quality of life (sorry Tehran, just missed the cut off). Must be all those snow angels. If you need a solid WIR reason consider it's the least expensive major city in North America.

Thanks, startsmart!


kath74 said...

Woohoo! I can't wait to start moaning tomorrow!
Ottawa also has a Unesco world heritage site - the Rideau Canal, once known as the longest skating rink in the world (darned Manitobans stole that one last year!) and one of the Boston Marathon qualifies is held every year during Marathon Weekend where some 30 000 people will walk, jog, or whatever in 5km,10km half and full marathon races. Hope that gets everyone motivated!

Mrslynch said...

Thanks, Kath74!