Sunday, September 28, 2008

MOANing in Numbers

23 cities, 7,702.3 miles, 51 weeks.Whew. That's a lot of MOANing. It's the distance from Fayettevile, NC over the North Pole to Shanghai, China. Maybe Santa will join us.

What's nice about MOANing in a group is that it makes numbers like that seem less daunting. 7,702.3 miles breaks down to 150 miles per week and 37.5 miles per day collectively, which is really only 1.5 miles per day, 4 days per week individually for the approximately 25 MOANers (this nuimber is subject to change). That seems doable. And the more people who MOAN, the sooner we get to our final destination...Las Vegas!

Yes, in a stroke of genius, I decided to have our marathon end in Las Vegas. We should arrive at our final destination around the same time as the mammoth WIR gathering being planned for this time next year. Though I'm not sure how mammoth we'll be from all this MOANing.

To help us keep MOANing, I've worked with our very own GLDNLVLY to create MOANing Moose Mix. This is a snack which will change based on our destinations. There will also be a feature where GLDNLVLY will give a tasty recipe to feed ourselves. Look for the very first one this week.

In order to track how much we MOAN in a week, please post your mileage at the bottom of the entry that details the route, along with the date you enter your mileage. If you engage in an activity that is physical but not measured in miles (aerobics, yoga, fighting does not count), please use the conversion chart on this side bar to calculate your mileage. Updates will be done on Tuesdays as often as possible (Mondays are booked as long as Prison Break is on).

I think that takes care of all the formal MOANing business. New features will be added soon. I hope you enjoy them (if you don't, may a giant blister form on your toe!).


AJ said...

Okay, if crime fighting counts, how come sex doesn't? Just asking. It is an aerobic activity.

Mrslynch said...

sex doesn't count because we only MOAN with our clothes on!

Firebird said...

But why should clothes matter? The goal is to MOAN!