Monday, October 20, 2008

Hi, I'm in Delaware

Currently, I call Delaware home. And it has recently occurred to me that most people know absolutely nothing about Delaware, except that it's the butt of many jokes and Joe Biden is one of our Senators. Admittedly, Delaware doesn't have much. It's even hard to find the place on a map (hint--it's next to Maryland). But there's more to Delaware than being the first state to ratify the Constitution (this is how we came up with our clever nickname "The First State"--the creative juices just flow in Delaware). And since it's more than likely our next Vice President will be from Delaware, I've decided it's time to highlight some of the noteworthy features of this "Small Wonder" (another one of our clever little tag lines). I promise to make this brief (actually, I have no choice. Remember, Delaware doesn't have much).

Delaware--a small state sandwiched between Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Comprised of 3 counties. Only one area code for the whole state. Not a large enough population to put letters on license plates. Can drive the entire state on one tank of gas. Primary employers are the banking/credit card industry (yup, many of your monthly payments are processed right here in Delaware), agriculture with an emphasis on chickens, and State government. No professional sports teams though the Wilmington Blue Rocks play here (they are the Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. One of two mascots is Mr. Celery. He is scary). Best known for tax free shopping, many, many tax incentives for businesses (The Backstreet Boys are even incorportated here--how lucky are we?), the University of Delaware, some giagantic NASCAR race that virtually doubles the state's population for a weekend, our beaches and shopping outlets. Has been featured on "Surf and Rescue" (Dewey Beach), "Ghost Hunters" (Fort Delaware), and some show on the Food Network and/or Travel Channel involving good places to pig out (Cluck U). Current contestant on "The Amazing Race" is from Delaware.

Famous People
George Thoroghgood--known for such prophetic songs as "Bad to the Bone" and "I Drink Alone". Any chance one has to do with the other?
Teri Polo--best known as Ben Stiller's girlfriend in "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers". Should have just stuck with "Meet the Parents".
Rich Gannon--not origianlly from Delaware, but was the quarterback for the University of Delaware (Go Hens!!!) and played in the Superbowl with the Oakland Raiders (vs. Tampa Bay--Oakland lost 48-21).
Ryan Phillipe--seriously, he's from Delaware. Actor in movies such as "Stop, Loss", "Crash", and "Cruel Intentions".
Joe Flacco--current quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. Don't know much about him and usually can't remember his name. Also, not a Delaware native but did play for the Hens.
Bill Roth--deceased Delaware Senator and creator of the Roth IRA.
The DuPont Family--made their fortune in gunpowder. Essentially own most of the state.
Valerie Bertinelli--star of "One Day at a Time". Former wife of Eddie Van Halen and current Jenny Craig spokesperson.

So, that's pretty much all you need to know about Delaware. It's small, it's flat, it has no sales tax. So, now when Delaware comes up in conversation at a party, you can contribute more than "Hi, I'm in Delaware." And this will make you very popular.


Anonymous said...

calsfan: I added three more miles to my total on Monday, so I am now at 57 miles.

Hope to add more this week. It's going to be busy.

By the way, Delware is a great place, close to DC, cheat eats and some great museums. Have fun in our stopover.

Anonymous said...

I have slowly been getting back on the wagon ... I have another 7 miles from the past week to add to our total.


Anonymous said...

I can finally add another two miles--one swimming and one walking.

I love Delaware. We always used to stop at some pizza place in Delaware on our trips from VA to MA.

Mrslynch said...

i'm guessing you're talking about grotto's pizza. it's great after a night of drinking! thanks for all the nice words about delaware!

AJ said...

Did someone mention cheap eats?? Will have to make it to Delaware for those.