Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Preparing to MOAN

I know, it sounds dirty right? Well, that's the point. If it's not dirty, it's not fun! Truthfully, MOANing is an extension of an online community that I belong to. No, it's not a community of sex fiends or porn addicts; it's a community of women trying to erase their debt, improve themselves and create a better future. MOANing was inspired by many of the wonderful ladies on the no spend/controlled spend thread of the community message board (oh, that's just filthy--get your mind out of the gutter!); I decided that since we do such a wonderful job of supporting each other in paying off debt and controlling our spending, why couldn't we do the same for getting physically healthy? I mean, who doesn't love a hot woman in control of her money? And out of that, MOANing was born.

The concept of MOANing is simple. It's about getting off our butts and exercising. That's all. To make it fun, I've mapped a route that we walk, hitting cities that are closest to the ladies' homes. Along the way, we'll have little interesting facts about the city, inspirational quotes, funny movie lines...anything to keep us going. Some of us will also be searching for nickels. And one bird's life depends upon the success of this walk.

So what happens when we get to our destination? When we (eventually) arrive at our target city, we'll have a happy hour featuring local food and drink favorites and a movie. We will also buy supplies, rest, and barter with the locals. There is a mandatory rest period in each city so no one...well, let's not talk about what may happen. We'll evaluate our progress on a weekly basis and see how far we got and how much longer we need to go to reach our destination. It's a modern day Oregon Trail, except without the dysentery.

Official MOANing starts October 1 in Ottawa, Canada. It's going to be loud, it's going to be messy, and there may be some crying. So, woman up, and MOAN!

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