Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MOANing Leg 4--NYC

Well, we've finally MOANed our way to NYC. While this was actually completed last week, I fell ill with dysentery and had to tend to an oxen with a bad hoof, so the update is a bit late, and I do apologize. I'm just happy I've recovered enough to rejoin the trail!

NYC has been a long awaited pit stop for this journey. Not only for the amazing history, sights, and sounds, but it the home to the incomparable red_wagon and Red2Black as well as the temporary home to her royal highness, the Lady Snark...Firebird!!! MOANers, you can run (which would give you more MOANing miles) but you can't hide from the snarkbite. It's everywhere!

NYC is also not too far from where I grew up on Long Island. I was raised in Syosset, NY, which also home to Natalie Portman, Idina Mentzel, and Judd Apatow. Oh, and my 10th grade English teacher was Balky Bartakamous' roommate at Yale (I will credit anyone who knows who that is with an extra 10 MOANing miles this week). Syosset is also the same town I escaped from every summer to attend sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania. It is in this tradition that I present you with NYC--Mad Libs Edition!

NYC was purchased (number) years ago by (noun) from the (noun). Early settlers in NYC lived in (noun) and worked tirelessly in (noun). These settlers were (adjective) and (adjective). Ellis Island and the (monument) are the beacon of hope for hundreds of thousands of immigrants. But NYC has come along way since then to become the (adjective) and financial capital of the world. It's difficult to become (emotion) in NYC. There's Broadway, Central Park, tons of restaurants and stores, and many, many (adjective) teams. In fact, this year the NY Giants beat the New England Patriots to win the Superbowl! NYC and the surrounding areas are home to many famous people including (person), (person) and (person), bands, and (adjective) landmarks. Hundreds of movies and TV shows have been filmed here such as (movie/TV show), (movie/TV show) and (movie/TV show). While there is a lot to say about NYC, nothing sums it up better than this...NYC is the (adjective) city in the world!

So, that's it for NYC. Put on your kevlar vest because Philly's next!


Anonymous said...

Calsfan here: Okay, so after 7 hours of housecleaning today (that's an extra 21 miles for our cause) I believe I am now at 96 miles total.

I was a sloth all week, but I'm still cleaning as we speak and really working up a sweat.

Anonymous said...

I've logged another 7 miles since I last updated.

Calsfan - Feel free to use some of those housecleaning miles at my place! -sdaklh

red_wagon said...

Perfect Strangers!!!

And I have 15 miles this month. I haven't been doing weekly updates because I am a bad, bad, bad keeper-upper-with-blogs-er. Even my own.

Anonymous said...

calsfan here: After a fun day of walking in NYC yesterday, I have 24 to add to my total. We walked for 8 hours yesterday, so there you go. That brings me to 120 miles total. I can barely stand now, but it was fun!

Anonymous said...

calsfan here: well, after 6 hours of housework today, the place is almost clean. So this adds 18 miles to our cause. I'm now up to 138 total, I think.