Thursday, October 30, 2008

MOANing leg 3--New Haven, CT

It didn't take us very long to finish this leg. We seemed to have MOANed in record speed this week, completing a total of 226 miles. In Boston we stocked up on all necessary supplies, including the requisite toothpaste, deodorant, and foot powder. We fed the oxen, bought some more bullets (important as our next stop is NYC followed by Philly), traded for some wagon wheels, and got some well deserved rest. We did some sightseeing, ate some baked beans (we also remembered to stock up on some air freshener), and watched some really good movies. And we picked up some MOANers we lost along the way....Muttleynfelix, Windspring, Cathysmom and we even picked up a new MOANer, KittyCow (she has apparently forgiven us for that whole Revolutionary War thing). I just hope Boston recovers now that we're gone.

Apparently all of the MOANing has gone to my head and I mistakenly said that our next stop was NYC. It is actually New Haven, CT, home to Yale University and the lovely Cathysmom. And lest you think New Haven is only famous for Yale, think again. New Haven has given us such delictable treats as lollipops and "New Haven style" pizza, as well as the Frisbee (invented at Yale), the Erector Set and the first public tree planning program. New Haven has also produced such fine talent as Lauren Ambrose (of Six Feet Under), Walter Camp (the Father of American Football--I'm sure millions of wives around the country are thrilled with him), Eli Whitney, Liz Phair, Michael Bolton ("Why should I change my name? He's the one that sucks"), America's sweetheart Benedict Arnold, and a man of pure genius, Paul Fusco, the creator of the legendary ALF. It's a shame that Yale, with it's Nobel laureates, presidents, and inventors, overshadows the rest of New Haven. I mean, it's not like it's Harvard.

Well ladies, it's been a month and we've made it from Ottawa to New Haven. Not too shabby for a bunch of stinky women with full time jobs and families. Let's see what we can do in November!!!


Anonymous said...

from calsfan: not much moaning this week, only 6 miles to add. My total is now at 75, I think.

Anonymous said...

I have 8.4 miles so far this week. 5 from Saturday and another 3.4 tonight.