Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MOANing leg 1--Rest Stop #2

We've now finished week 2 and have walked another 103.35 miles. Though some MOANers did catch up, we managed to lose a few along the way. I think they just had too much fun at SUNY Potsdam and were too hung over to join us this week (well, that's what I'm hoping...we did encounter a few coyotes and they looked pretty hungry). Luckily, we were able to buy a ton of deodorant so no one smells this week, but we are running dangerously low on toothpaste. This could be potentially damaging to morale as without toothpaste, conversation will be kept to a minimum and really, considering where our trail is taking us, talking is the only thing we have left. That, and MOANing Munch Mix. That stuff sure is tasty.

Ombud was our loudest MOANer this week, completing 26.3 miles on her own. Windspring also disturbed the neighbors with her 22 miles of MOANing. Firebird was our fastest MOANer, and the rest of us MOANed at a reasonable volume (and pace). I can't wait to see what happens next week!

So, the wagon's full of supplies, the oxen are healthy, no one's broken a limb or come down with dysentery, and everyone's still alive (I think...jury's still out on the coyote situation). Overall, this was a pretty great week. We were a haggard looking bunch when we rolled into Port Henry, NY. Fortunately, the entire town of 1062 was participating in in the local favorite sport of ice fishing, so no one really noticed our arrival, which is kind of hard to believe in a town that only takes up 1.5 square miles. In any case, it should be a great place to rest as long as we can avoid the 3 sex offenders who have taken up residence here.

Let's keep MOANing, ladies. We're halfway to Boston!

(By the way, has anyone seen any nickels? I've found a few and Elusions of Grandeur has seen a few, but I think nickels are hard to come by in upstate New York. I'll have to look harder this coming week.)


Anonymous said...

maybe mk could get some of her pals over at the pound to donate some toothpaste ... I'm sure most of them have a great stock that they found for free!
It's sad to think if I aim for a nickel a mile I'm not even up to a dollar yet :(
Great work once again Mrs. L!

Mrslynch said...

beej--i'm not even at a quarter, so don't worry about a thing. glad you're enjoying the blog!

Ravin01 said...

You can add 4 more miles for me!

Anonymous said...

Calsfan: okay, I am back on track with MOANING. I have 3 miles for Thursday and Friday, and 12 miles for Saturday and another 3 for Sunday. This adds 21 miles to my previous 33 miles, for a total of 54 miles.

red_wagon said...

Add a sad, pathetic 30 minutes aka 1. 5 miles to my total. Sigh. Someday I will do some structured exercise again.

Too bad naughty things don't count as exercise haha.

kath74 said...

I've been falling behind! But you can add another 20 miles for me ( its not that great, its over 2 weeks or more, and I really should have been moving more... but that darned turkey and the sleepiness kicked in and .... ah heck, I was just lazy!)
I'll be trying to keep up with more resolve from now on.